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Founded in 1907, as the Irving, Way, Hill Company. Mr. Willard Irving handled the livery business, Mr. C. T. Way was a carriage maker and J. H. Hill was the undertaker. The original building was located at the east end of what is now the downtown mall at Water and Main Streets.


In 1929, the business was incorporated as Hill and Irving with J. Hercules Hill as its President. In 1936, the business was moved to its present location at First and Market Streets. At the passing of Mr. J. H. Hill in 1942, Mr. William R. Hill, his son assumed the presidency. On June 1, 1975 a new corporation in the name of Hill and Irving Funeral Home, Incorporated, was established with Mr. Paul H. Wood assuming the Presidency and Mr. William R. Hill moving to the position of Chairman of the Board. On January 1, 1978 the name of the firm was changed to Hill and Wood Funeral Service, Incorporated. On April of 1981, Paul H. Wood, in addition to being President was named Chairman of the Board with Mr. William R. Hill assuming a Directorship. In 1983, Mr. William R. Hill resigned from the Board to assume full retirement.


In 1990, William K. Fields became co-owner, assumed the Presidency in 1997, and became sole owner in 2000.